Selected Publications

1994-present. Prose, poetry, article, and syndicated author (over 500 entries) to Vietnamese language media and English periodicals, including Mục Vụ (Switzerland), anthologies, Việt Báo, Việt Tide, Hiệp Nhất, Da Màu, Nhà Magazine, Nhân Bản (France), Sáng Tạo (Canada), Người Việt, Người Việt Trẻ, Người Việt 2, Tuổi Hoa, Diễn Đàn Giáo Dân (initiating the page Vườn Hoa Tuổi Trẻ), Làng MagazineI (Sacramento), Phụ Nữ Gia Đình, Ngàn Thông (Canada), VYC Programs and Bulletins, amongst others.

Trangdai Glassey-Tranguyen

2013, May. “Joy Interrupted: Motherhood and Loss.” Contributor of poetry, prose, and photography. Fat Daddy’s Farm Press.

2012, April. “Tháng Tư Đen, Tháng Tư Sáng: Từ Đắng Cay Hậu Chiến đến Bình An Tâm Hồn.” (“Black April, Bright April: From Postwar Pain to Personal Peace”). A five-part series in Vietnamese published in over 20 media outlets in the U.S., Europe, and Canada.


2012, May. “Viewpoints: Out of struggle, a new direction.” Special to The Bee. Reporting on trauma, loss, and emotional health in the Vietnamese diasporas was undertaken as part of The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships (CEHJF), a program of the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism.

2011, August. English-text for “Encounter 2” Photography Exhibit and Program.

2011, July. John Anson Ford Amphitheatre: Music, Dance, Theatre, Film & Family Events. Interview on the customs of Vietnamese music and dance with Maureen Kodros.

2011. “Race/Class/Gender in the Eye and Life of Director Khoa Do: A Perspective in Film,” Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement.

2011, April. “Mother Fish: Vietnamese Consciousness in the Contemporary World,” (in Vietnamese, special to ViFF 5th ). Nguoi Viet Daily.

2011, April. “Bi, Don’t Be Afraid: The fresh-and-flesh Fragmentations of Director Phan Dang Di,” (in Vietnamese, special to ViFF 5th ). Nguoi Viet Daily. 

2011, March. “A Superior Mother Can Be Found in Any Culture,” (in Vietnamese, by special invitation in response to Amy Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” New York Times, January 8, 2011). Nguoi Viet Daily.

2011. Entries Contributor. “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,” “Political Dissidents,” “Political Policing,” “Victorian Compromise,” and others. The Social History of Crime and Punishment in America.” Miller, Wilbur Redington and Golson, J. Geffrey, Editors. Sage Publications.

2011. “Santo Ninos: A Global Perspective on the Local Filipino American Catholic Celebration,” Anaheim, CA. Hiep Nhat Monthly, June issue.

2011. Chapter 8: “Carceral State, Cultural Stake: Women behind American Bars and Beyond” in razor wire women: prisoners, activists, scholars, and artists, edited by Jodie Michelle Lawston and Ashley E. Lucas. Series in Women, Crime, and Criminology. SUNY: State University of New York Press.

2010. Entry Contributor, “Children and Folktales and Songs in Hmong America” in the Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife. Jonathan H. X. Lee and Kathleen M. Nadeau, Editors. Greenwood.

2010. Featured Poet. “Selected Poems by Trangdai Glassey-Tranguyen.” Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement, Vol. 5.

2009. Editor in Chief (all convention-related literature). Vietnamese Youth Convention III, “Name, Claim, Proclaim Your Faith.” CSU Long Beach, California.

2010. Entry Contributor. Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History. Edited by Edward E. Curtis IV. Facts on File, Inc.

2008. Forgiveness: Probing the Boundaries. Chapter 17, “(Women) Civilians After Wars: Any Nation State Asking for their Forgiveness?” Ed. Drs. David White and Stephen Schulman. Inaugural Themed Volume, Inter-Disciplinary Press: United Kingdom.

2008. Forgiveness: Probing the Boundaries. “(Women) Civilians After Wars: Any Nation State Asking for their Forgiveness?” Paper published as presented. An ISBN eBbook, Inter-Disciplinary Press: Oxford, United Kingdom. 978-1-904710-62-2. 

2008. NATSA Conference Publication. Editor, conference abstracts and letter from the President. 

2008. “Yellow as Turmeric, Fragrant As Cloves: Asian American Female Poet Anthology.” Poetry Anthology, edited by Anne Marie Fowler. Deep Bowl Press.

Tranguyen, Trangdai N.

2008. English Translation of Thận Nhiên’s poem “We Salute Bush” featured in the 7th issue of journal BOL, Korea. Editor Yumi Kang. 

2008. Thơ Công Giáo (in Vietnamese), “KINH TRONG SƯƠNG, No. 1, Vol. IV, Vietnam.

2007. “In Their Own Spaces: Children En Route.” Enthnographic Documentary, ftsmj Productions.

2007. Feature Essay, “Which Route? Vietnamese Communities Around the Globe.” Nhà Magazine, July-August. 

2007. Vietnamese Translations of Website Literature, The Asian Liver Center, Stanford University.

2007. “Tao Ngộ Einsideln.” Nguyệt San Mục Vụ: Switzerland, No. 256, May.

2007. “Kính Trên Kính Dưới.” Nhân Bản, Giai Phẩm Mùa Xuân 2007, A Periodical Publication of the Vietnamese Student Association in Paris.

2007. Commentaries and Specialist Essays in Da Màu.

2007. “Immigrant Placenta-Fellows across the Baltic Lands,” in Englihs with summary in Lithuanian. The Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania.

2006. Foreword. Nguyen, Michelle-Linh Thuy. Senior Honor Thesis. Snapshots: Vietnamese American Culture & People in the Bay Area.

2006. Co-author Stefanie Shull. “Vietnamese & Asian American Communities in the Hurricane-impacted Areas.”

2006. “Vietnamese American Women.” Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West. Ed. Gordon Morris Bakken & Alexandra Kindell. Sage Publications. 

2004. of things i've seen – nhung dieu trong thay, bilingual ethnographic poetry. PiVA Poets in VietnAmerica.

2004. “Let Kindness Ring,” (translated into Korean from the English original), The Korea Daily.

2004. Asian American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia. Contributing entries: “Vietnamese Americans in Westminster,” “Vietnamese American Women,” “Vietnamese American Literature,” “Anti-Vietnamese Incidents,” and “Vietnamese Language Schools.” Edited by Huping Ling and Allan W. Austin.

2004. “Orange County, Yellow History: An Intimate Encounter with Vietnamese American Lives.” Editor: Thomas J. Frusciano, Journal of the Society of American Archivists.

2004. X-X1 Songs for a Boat Father – Thuyen Nhan Khuc cho Ba. Bilingual poetry, PiVA Poets in VietnAmerica.

2003. Abridged version for lay readers of “Orange County, Yellow History: An Intimate Encounter with Vietnamese American Lives.” Nha Magazine, January 2004, a San Jose-based monthly publication focusing on Life Style, Culture, and Identity. 

2003. “Poetry is Not a Luxury: Female Poets of Color in LA.” An Anthology. 

2003. "Noi Ket The He Viet My." Phụ Nữ Gia Đình, (a monthly in Vietnamese) a publication on Women and Family.

2003. “Vietnamese American Women in the West,” Anthology of Women in the West. Sage Publications: California. Edited by Gordon Bakken.

2002. Discernment Poetry – Seeking (Cút Bắt), in Vietnamese.

2002. "From Childhood Storytelling to Oral History Interviews" Oral History Review. (California University Press) Vol. 29 No. 2.

2002-present. Poem “the Yoke on Mom’s Shoulders” was featured as the title for the online magazine Hồn Quê, a publication dedicating to the Vietnamese culture, art, and diasporas.

2002. If You Like, Mom - Neu Me Thich, bilingual poetry (w/multilingual translations).

2002. Lyric Translation, Hoàng Việt Khanh's Songs Collection. Mosaic Cultural Encounter.

Trangdai Tran.

2001. “Mental Health in AAPI Emerging Populations.” Supervisor: Dr. Hunter. Office of Minority Health, US Department of Health & Human Services.

2001. “A Mentor’s Handbook: Mentoring Children At Risk.” CSU Fullerton’s Child & Adolescent Studies Department, Anaheim YMCA, Americorps Orange County Chapter.